Reduce Utility Expenses by 8.25% every month with a Predominant Use Study by Utility Consultants & Associates.

Discover how an Electricity and Gas Tax Exemption will benefit your business with refunds of sales taxes you’ve already paid.

We are experienced Engineers in conducting Predominant Use Studies for compliance and savings for your company.


Why Choose Utility Consultants & Associates

Experience the advantages of a Predominant Use Study by Utility Consultant & Associates


Only knowledgeable ENGINEERS can perform a Predominant Use Study and Utility Consultants & Associates provides successful experience with HUNDREDS of studies, represented before auditors. We’re experts in Tax Rules and Codes!


Our scope of experience enables us to quickly identify the issues without a learning curve – so we pass that savings on to you. Typically the cost of the study can be offset by the savings within the first year.


Utility Consultants & Associates is fully bonded and insured providing customers with peace-of-mind.


We’ve served Texas for XX years with more than 75 years combined engineering experience – specific to Predominant Use Studies. We understand how to capture savings for clients and improve ROI.


Utility Consultants & Associates has performed Electricity Tax Exemptions for nearly every industry. Give us a call and let us show you how we can apply a Predominant Use Study for your industry.


Rest assured, if you are audited, we’ll defend your Study at our expense. We have years of experience working with tax auditors to insure the best results for our clients.

Advantages of a Predominant Use Study

Experience Big Cost Savings, Receive a State Refund, and Comply with Tax Code Rules with a Predominant Use Study by Utility Consultant & Associates
Decrease your utility expense 6.25% every month.
Receive up to 48 months of refund of sales taxes you’ve already paid.
Be in full compliance tax codes and Comptroller rules.
A Predominant Use Study provides cost control for your company

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A Track record of customer savings and benefits

Discover how Utility Consultant & Associates provides real ROI to real clients

Corrugated Box Manufacturer saves $134,000

A manufacturer called us when they were being audited. The original predominant use study did not meet the requirements of the tax code resulting in a liability for the customer to repay four years of credited taxes, plus interest. We entered into a flat fee agreement and notified the Texas Comptroller's auditor a new study was being performed. Within a week we completed a new study that was approved by the auditor, resulting in no liability to the customer.

Houston Apartment Complex receives refund of $96,450

A major player in the third-party apartment management industry was apprehensive regarding the need for a predominant use study. Our team presented documentation from the Comptroller's office stating the need for a study to be in compliance with tax code and qualify for the exemption. When the opinion letter was presented, the management company engaged us to perform a predominant use study on their electric and gas meters for all properties in their portfolio.

26 Retail Electric Provider customers saved from 4 years of back taxes

A well known Retail Electric Provider was audited by the Comptroller's office and uncovered many exemption forms claiming an exemption without the required criteria: engineer's signature and credentials stamp along with a statement validating the exemption. Without the exemption 26 customers would be billed four years back taxes plus interest. We were called into action and within three weeks had produced studies and correctly signed and stamped exemption forms preventing further action by the Retail Electric Provider.


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