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30 years of experience in Predominant Use Studies

Utility Consultants has been a front runner in performing Predominant Use Studies. With offices in Dallas and Houston we're able to cover the state. We've written well over 10,000 studies and saved Texas businesses millions of dollars in the form of tax refunds and monthly savings.


We've represented our clients before the Texas Comptroller's auditors. We pride ourselves in understanding the various tax codes related to Sales and Use Tax.

We defend your study at our expense. If you are ever audited by the State Comptroller's auditors, we'll be by your side to challenge the auditor by citing tax code and Administrate Judge opinions to justify the exemption. Utility Consultants & Associates Predominant Use Studies since 1987


We are blessed to have great talent at Utility Consultants. Our engineers have a variety of electrical engineering experience. When it comes to a predominant use study, we are subject matter experts on tax codes 151.317, 151.318 and Tax Rule 3.295. The processing team works with over 140 different utility companies in Texas and work dilligently to assure a study that will be upheld by the Comptroller's auditors and that you receive the maximum credit you deserve.


Our goal is to produce a study that meets the requirements of the tax code and will stand up to the scrutiny of a Texas Comptroller's audit.

We strive to help Texas businesses qualify for utility tax exemption by educating, adherence to tax code, filing for the exemption to lower their expenses and obtain the refund they deserve.

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